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Systema Gaming Nouvelle ligne Futura City

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Systema Gaming Nouvelle ligne Futura City

Message par McFly le Jeu 16 Oct 2014 - 10:18

De Systema Gaming

I’m very happy that I can finally show you all the brand new range of scenery that I’ve been working on over the last 6 months or so. FUTURA CITY, as the name implies, is a range of Sci-Fi urban terrain, which is much more city themed than the Base-0 range.

The first wave is centered around the FCB-One – Futura City Building One.

The FCB-One is a 3-storey commercial building with a shop on the ground floor and 2 office floors above. But it could just as easily function as a residential building as well.

The roof and each floor can be taken off so that miniatures can be put inside. In the following picture you can also see, that the middle floor has 2 rooms and in the corner it also has a gravity lift, so that your miniatures can move up and down the building.

The final floor has only one room from where you can reach the first roof and using the outdoor stairs you can climb up to the second roof. Also, the set comes with a roof-top Air-Con unit.

Like the Base-0 range, Futura City is also highly modular, but in a different way. You will find that it’s possible to remove the side panels on the FCB-One, which gives you the option to connect 2 or more buildings together into a larger structure.

The FCB-One Ground Floor set is basically the ground floor from the FCB-One (hence the name Wink) with a flat roof and Air-Con unit. This will give your table greater diversity in terms of different height and look of your buildings.

Another great addition is the Enclosed Garden set, which can function as its own terrain piece or be attached to a building to make it more interesting.

And to top it all off and really achieve a cool futuristic look, there is the Holo Banners set, which comes in 4 different styles – English, Arabic, Oriental and Alien; and of course in different colours.

I’ve also prepared a nice little FCB-One Bundle, so you can quickly get started on your very own Futura City!

But this is only the beginning! There is much more to come for the Futura city range so stay tuned… Smile


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